Some valuable books for Tabla students.

1.TABLA by Pandit.Arvind Mulgaonkar (Marathi Edition)

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The book provides an insight into various topics:
the percussion instruments prior to tabla,
origin of tabla and its development,
the construction of tabla, difference between solo and accompaniment styles,
old as well as new methods of teaching tabla,
biographies of tabla virtuosos,
methods of practising phrases,
"Gharanas" and their characteristics.

The book is useful for beginners and professionals.

Pt.Arvind Mulgaonkar is a gandabandhit shagird of Late.Ustad Amir Hussain Khansaheb.
He has imbibed many compositions from many other tabla players of Khansaheb's time.
He is also the founder of Bandish - A Trust In Memory of Tabla Nawaz Late Ustad Amir Hussain Khansaheb to promote the art of tabla - and also organizes various workshops and seminars for the same cause.

Here's a short clip of Pandit. Arvind Mulgaonkar playing a Gaind Uchaal (Bouncing Ball) Gat of  Ustad.Munir Khansaheb.

2.TABLA VADAN: EK VICHAR by Pandit.Bapu Patwardhan (Marathi Edition)

The book comprises two sections. 
In the first section, Pandit.Bapu Patwardhan has explained the difference between the solo style of tabla playing and tabla accompaniment. He also provides valuable suggestions on the difference between accompanying a Hindustani classical vocalist and an instrumentalist.

In the second section the author explains the styles of the various Gharanas (schools of tabla). He enumerates the difference between the contemporary style of playing a tabla solo and the style prevalent in the older times by citing examples of Ustad.Habibuddin Khan(Listen to Ustadji), Pandit.Anokhelal Mishra, Ustad.Thirakwa Khansaheb.

Pandit. Bapu Patwardhan is a disciple of Ustad. Ahmedjan Thirakwa Khansaheb.

Here's a short clip of Pandit.Bapu Patwardhan playing a Farrukhabad (a Gharana or School of tabla) Kayda.

3. TAALA SOUNDARYA by Shri. Ganpat Parvatkar (Marathi Edition)

This book has been written with the intention to nurture the Parampara (tradition) of Baldevsa Gharana. It includes compositions in 12 Taals (beat cycles) ranging from the Prachalit Taals (familiar Taals) to Aprachalit Taals (Taals rarely played).

About the Author:
Shri. Ganpat Parvatkar was born in Goa in 1928. He received guidance from Layabhaskar Khapurmama Parvatkar(read more), Ustad MehboobKhan Mirazkar, Pandit S.Y.Nagvekar and Ganatapaswini Mogubai Kurdikar(Listen to Vintage Records)

He has given several solo performances and accompanied well known vocalist and instrumentalists as a staff member of All India Radio. During 1988-98 he also taught tabla at Karnatak Vidyapeeth.

4. TAAL PRAKASH by Shri. Bhagwat Charan Sharma (Hindi Edition)

In this book Shri.Bhagwat Charan Sharma (M.A , SangeetAlankar, SahityaRatna) has shed light on topics of solo tabla recital, how its formation differs with gharanas (school of playing tabla), origin of tabla,definition of various terms related to tabla, practice of phrases and Karnataka taal system.

5. AATHWANINCHA DOHA by Pandit.Arvind Mulgaonkar (Marathi Edition)

Pandit.Arvind Mulgaonkar in this book has described how fortunate he was to learn tabla from Ustad Amir Hussain Khansaheb.
He shares memories of each and every aspect of Khansaheb's life: as an artist, human being, composer and teacher.

Here's a short clip of  Ustad. Amir Hussain Khansaheb playing Teental.

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