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Some Compositions in a Solo Tabla Performance.

A composition played in the beginning of a tabla solo performance. It includes all the bols (syllables) and layakaris (rhythmic patterns). It is a challenge to a tabla player's creativity.

Now listen to a Peshkar set in Teentaal (16 matra/beat cycle)

A composition which has a main phrase called Mukh, which is elaborated according to the bols (syllables) used in it, positive (bhari), negative(khaali) spaces in the Taal ( beat cycle) and division of the Taal(beat cycle).

Listen to a Kayda set in Teentaal (16 matra/beat cycle). 

A composition with open syllables (khulaa or with resonance) played aggressively in fast tempo (dugun or double).

Listen to a Paran set in Teen taal (16 matra/beat cycle).

A composition with a main phrase and a Tihai (a rhythmic variation comprising 3 equal repetitions) played in fast tempo (dugun).

Listen to some Tukdas in Teen taal (16 matra/beat cycle). 

Do you like a composition by your favourite artist?

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With my students

Time flies by with my students.

Some incidents take you back to long-forgotten moments.
Here's a moment which took me back to the days
when I played the syllables (bols) on tabla for the first time.